She is missing!
Your friend has gone missing, and the police have deemed it a "cold case." You refuse to let her become a statistic, so you gather some friends to see what you can find out. You have seen some suspicious activity at the old, abandoned factory on the outskirts of town. Your group decides to investigate. You quickly realize you have gotten in way over your head and your heroic endeavor has quickly turned into a sinister game of cat and mouse that has uncovered something much, much worse. Can you find out what happened to your friend or will you become another "cold case"?

*This game may contain moments of darkness, confined spaces, crawling and strobe lighting. Due to the nature of the game, we recommend players be 13 and up.



Escape Room Themes For Team Building Ideas Or A Fun Night Out

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Mon. Closed
Tues. & Wed. 12-9:30pm
Thurs. & Fri. 5-10:30pm
Sat. 11am-11pm
Sun. 12-8:30pm

$28.00 per guest
$26.00 per student
$3.00 off per guest (Groups of 5+)

Tuesday and Wednesday
$25 per guest

*Jurassic Island
$32 per guest