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Our authentic designs will have you lost in the theme of your selected room. The designers in charge of each theme, spend months putting together the perfect scene. We can't wait for you, friends, co-workers, and family to dive into the mystery. Prepare yourself to become completely immersed in your thrill-packed adventure with Rugged Xscape in Lafayette, IN!

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Doomsday Book Now



The nuclear power plant on the outskirts of town has had a…situation—a very serious situation. On the first day, the sirens went off. On the second day, news broadcasts said not to panic. On the third day, everyone panicked. On the fourth day, the area was told to take cover because the contamination had become airborne. On the fifth day, death and pestilence overtook a third of the population. On the sixth day, the area was restricted—no one comes in and no one leaves. So, what does that make today—it’s Doomsday.

You and your friends have taken shelter in an underground bunker that your crazy uncle built as soon as the nuclear power plant was erected. Maybe he wasn’t so crazy after all? You have been holed up for months with no end in sight. The air is still thick with chemicals. Your electronic system is failing. Something has damaged your air ducts. You have an hour of air remaining. You must adjust the pressure in the bunker and get the air stabilized or else your haven will be your tomb.

60 Minutes of Thrill-Seeking Fun!

Holds 2-4 players, single room

moderate level escape rooms in lafayette indiana great for team building exercises
Difficulty Level
boiler room-book now

The Boiler Room

She is missing!

Your friend has gone missing, and the police have deemed it a "cold case." You refuse to let her become a statistic, so you gather some friends to see what you can find out. You have seen some suspicious activity at the old, abandoned factory on the outskirts of town. Your group decides to investigate. You quickly realize you have gotten in way over your head and your heroic endeavor has quickly turned into a sinister game of cat and mouse that has uncovered something much, much worse. Can you find out what happened to your friend or will you become another "cold case"?

*This game may contain moments of darkness, confined spaces, crawling and strobe lighting. Due to the nature of the game, we recommend players be 13 and up.

60 Minutes of Thrill-Seeking Fun!

Holds 2-8 players

difficult escape rooms in lafayette indiana offering a fun challenge for families and friends
Difficulty Level

The Morgue

A female patient named Rose disappeared from one of the active wards. One of the caretakers found her body in an abandoned room on the 13th floor. In the past, this ward was used for sick, infectious patients and has been closed down for years. Some say Rose still wanders the building at night, tirelessly looking for her family that abandoned her at the facility. Maintenance told us that they found a bloody message scrawled on the wall: "I'm Not Crazy." Can you escape the morgue before Rose finds you?
60 Minutes of Thrill-Seeking Fun!

Holds 2-8 players

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Difficulty Level
escape rooms in lafayette indiana great for your next date night
complete the bank heist in time with this fun lafayette indiana escape room

Bank Heist

Saddle up your horses! The infamous Mad Dog Anderson has called on some of the stealthiest and most dangerous outlaws he could find – you. He has been scoping out the bank, and you only have 60 minutes to break in, get into the vault, and steal the gold. Watch out though! There is some new-fangled contraption that he has never seen before. Move carefully. Get caught – and it’s the stockades for the lot of you!
60 Minutes of Thrill-Seeking Fun!

Holds 2-10 players

moderate level escape rooms in lafayette indiana that offer a challenge for team building exercises or for a fun night out with friends
Difficulty Level

Terrorist Warning

Imagine being captured by a sinister group of terrorists. They have trapped you in a locked room with a ticking time bomb, but there is more to this terrorist plot than merely murdering a few hostages. Their evil plans mutate into a catastrophic scheme to detonate a nuclear device that will end millions of lives. Only you can foil their plans! Will you solve the mystery in time and warn the authorities before it's too late?
*This game involves a counterfeit gun. Anyone with PTSD or fear of guns should not play.
60 Minutes of Thrill-Seeking Fun!

Holds 4-12 players

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Difficulty Level
difficult escape rooms in lafayette indiana offering a challenge to your friends and family
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