Corporate Team Building Activities in Lafayette Indiana

Rugged Xscape offers the ultimate team building experience. Our escape rooms are perfect for corporate outings and testing out your group's cooperation levels. By placing employees in a high-pressure environment where they must rely on each other to succeed, the result is a cohesive team that works together more effectively. When you escape one of our rooms, you’ll find that communication and teamwork happen naturally within the group. While other outings tend to “pit groups” against one another, escape rooms require complete cooperation to reach the objective. There’s no better way to get co-workers collaborating and interacting outside of the workplace than our escape games!

For corporate groups, escape rooms provide an unconventional and fun training tool. They give leaders a way to analyze the team's strengths and weaknesses, providing new knowledge that can later be applied to the business world. Each escape game brings light to different challenges involving teamwork and collaboration. Looking for an activity that promotes growth and team-building? Rugged Xscape is an excellent option for your next corporate outing in Lafayette, IN.

Escape Room Themes For Team Building Ideas Or A Fun Night Out

Which one will you take on first?

Boiler Room Difficulty Level Challenging
The Morgue Difficulty Level Novice
Hero Headquarters Difficulty Level Intermediate:Family Friendly
Doomsday_Card Difficulty Level Intermediate
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